Live Virtual Life Coach Training

It's Finally Time To Step Into Your Purpose And Impact The World! Train To Be A Life Coach

You've been wanting to "officially become a coach" but you're saying things to yourself like: 

  • Everywhere I look the coach training is so expensive, can I really afford it? 
  • Will I have time to do the lessons, my schedule is so busy? 
  • Can I really earn a living and do what I'm passionate about too? 
  •  I just don't feel confident about having an offical title of coach, it's so much easier to keep helping the people around me for free.  


Get the training & support you desired that didn't break the bank?

Help the people with your gifts and get paid to do it?

Get step-by-step instructions on how to cause transformation with those you help?

Finally get paid to do what lights you up?

Make 2020 the year that you finally step in your calling?

Finally feel confident about claiming your title as a COACH?

Then the Train To Be A Life A Life Coach program is just for you!


Two enrollment options, same great course. 

(specially priced for a limited time)  



Life Coach Certification For Women
  • Class begins January 7
  • Meet virtually weekly via phone or computer
  • Live Q & A and buddy coaching with live feedback

1 Payment of $797

Pay In Full: 1 payment of $597 

Payment Plan : 4 payments of $137




Life Coach Training For Women
  • Immediate Access
  • One full year to complete course
  • Same training as live program
  • Complete at your own pace, for more freedom

1 Payment of $597 

Now 1 payment of $397

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The WCA Coach Training and Certification Program is structured to provide you with an in-depth understanding of life coaching. Active listening, NLP, and transformation are just a few of the life coaching skills you will be taught.  

Most life training schools do not prepare life coaches to turn their new skill into a business, but our training includes a full business building component so that you can start building a business immediately. You are trained to be a life coach and to be a confident, competent business owner.

When you complete our life coach training program you graduate a confident life coach and business owner. We give you all the tools you need to begin your life coaching career.  

For eleven years utilizing our proven curriculum, experience and training our Certified Professional Coach Trainers have provided the best life coach training available.

What students are saying:

“Everything I needed to be a successful coach was provided in the WCA training. From the foundation of what it means to be a coach all the way to setting up my own website. I am so glad I chose this program” 

“Each week you are eager to learn and embrace more knowledge on Life Coaching. It is great information that is very useful as you build your Life Coaching Business!”

“The training was beneficial to me even in my personal life. It helped me to set goals and to examine different aspects of my own life. The best aspect of the training is the business component. By the time you complete the training your business will be fully operating. The training was priceless. Lisa was very down to earth but yet still professional and knowledgeable.”

Train To Be a Life Coach Program
Train To Be a Life Coach Program

What Makes Us Different

Graduates of our Life Coach Training course enter the coaching profession with confidence. Our course is structured to provide you with an in-depth understanding of life coaching. Active listening, NLP, and transformation are just a few of the life coaching skills you will be taught.  

So many life coaches become certified and have no idea how to turn their new skill into a business, so when we created our complete life coach training system we kept that in mind. Not only will you learn life coaching skills, but we will also prepare you for the business of life coaching.  

You can rest assured that you will have a complete understanding of how to run your own life coaching business after course completion. Our business modules cover business basics, website creation, SEO and so much more. These training modules are jam packed with enough information to set you on the path to business coaching if you so choose.

Here's what you'll learn...

Life Coach Training


  • Introduction to Life Coaching
  • ICF Overview
  • Setting and Obtaining Goals
  • Changing Mindsets
  • Necessary Coaching Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Empowerment 101

Life Coach Training


  • Coaching Tools in Action
  • NLP
  • Transformation
  • Session Steps
  • Coaching Techniques and Tools
  • Scenario Practice
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Review of Assessments

Modules One & Two

You will become familiar with the basics of the life coaching profession. You will learn how to help your client achieve goals and create an action plan that will move them closer to success.  

Dive deeper into the skill of life coaching. During this part of the training, you’ll learn the all powerful skill of questioning as well as how to engage in active listening. Learn how to motivate your clients while you discover the keys to empowerment 101.  

You’ll learn how to use NLP and transformation strategies to get your clients into action. Understand how to unlock your client’s passion and you’ll discover the steps you need to run an action taking coaching session.  

At the half-way point, you will learn to master coaching techniques and tools, begin practicing coaching sessions, understand and implement the use of tools and assessments. Go deep into the world of motivation, learn how to master motivation skills for your client to get the most our of your coaching sessions.

Life Coach Training


  • Opening Your Practice
  • The Business Of Coaching
  • Client Forms
  • Structuring Your Business Plan
  • Legal Structure
  • Getting Paid

Life Coach Training


  • Marketing 101
  • Websites 101
  • Understanding Social Media
  • SEO Basics
  • Creating Your Website
  • Group Coaching
  • Path To Earning
  • Choosing a Coaching Niche

Modules Three & Four 

No coaching practice is official until you open for business. Discover what you need to do to put the open for business sign up for your coaching practice. You will create your client forms and begin business set up.  

Create a business plan and legal business structure. Discover the money path for the coaching industry and set up payment structures while creating your money plan.  

How do coaches get clients? You are getting mastering your coaching skills and managing business set up at this point, now it’s time to figure out how to share your gift with those that need it. Discover the tried and true ways to get clients.  

Understand the basics of marketing and social media in your coaching business. Learn basic website setup and establish a presence online. During this module, you will tie all of your learning together as you begin to start your career as a Certified Professional Life Coach.


  • Upon successful completion of our Life Coach Certification course, you will be a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).  
  • Graduates will be awarded 2 additional niche certifications of their choosing. $1500 Value
  • Over 50 Free Forms and Resources for use in your practice. Some forms included are: Client Assessment Tool, Life Evaluator, Passion Finder, Group Coaching Forms, Client Agreement, Income/Expense Tracker and so much more. $1200 Value
  • All students also receive lifetime access to ongoing coaching tools and resources (account must be in good standing). $Priceless

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Certified Life Coach?  

Your clients will want to know you have been properly trained as a Professional Life Coach. Your training will not only open the door for a greater earning potential but it will also give you tools to help your clients change their lives.  

How do I attend? 

If enrolled in the live interactive life coach course you will be given access to weekly lessons in the student center. Additionally, you will have a live Q & A session at a specified day and time.  

While you are not required to attend the live Q & A session, it is encouraged. The weekly live session will be recorded and added to the student center for reference. Recorded informational training sessions are 30 minutes to 2 hours and are both audio and/or video. You will have the opportunity to interact with your trainer and other life coach students during the live Q & A.  

If enrolled in the self-study version of the life coach course, you will be given access to a new complete module every seven days. Once enrolled, you will have access to your first module via the student center. You work at your own pace and have up to one year to complete your training.  

In both the live and self-study version you will have access to your student center where you will find free coaching tools and resources. Additionally, you may contact your trainer any time you have questions.  

You do need to have internet access and equipment that will allow you login to access downloads and student center.

What happens after I enroll?

Once you submit your assignments, payments, and pass the final with a grade of at least 70% you will receive the designation of Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC). You have the choice of choosing two additional niche certifications as well.  

For more information on niche designations available please visit Course Overview section.  

Your certificate of completion will be sent to you as well as logos for your website.  

*Please note: There are no refunds & no exceptions to the rule. You have one year to complete your training. All payment plans must be paid within the time frame originally agreed or you will forfeit any payments made and be sent to collections.  

**You will need access to the internet, a working computer and basic knowledge of how technology works. Please make sure you have access to these tools before signing up.  

***By signing up you agree to these terms.

Who Should Take This Course?  

  • A good listener
  • Love to help other’s
  • Have a passion or experience that could change someone’s life
  • You want to own and open a successful coaching business but don’t know how
  • Are already coaching but would like a certification to formalize your practice
  • You are the go-to person to help other’s with their problems or give advice

Do I get support, community or one on one access with you?

You sure do! Not only do you have a private Facebook group with direct access to me BUT you also have can email me directly with questions and live students have weekly group calls with me for live Q & A. 

Should I choose the live or self-study program?  

While you will receive your accredited life coach certification from either of the formats, the road to your final destination will be different.  

What kind of life coach can I be certified as? 

You will be certified as Professional Life Coach and you may choose 2 other designations of your choice. 

Some of the niche designations are listed below:  

Certified Bereavement Coach Certified Blended Family Coach Certified Business Coach Certified Career Coach Certified Christian Coach Certified College Coach Certified Couple Coach Certified Divorce Recovery Coach Certified Entrepreneur Coach Certified Executive Coach Certified Family Coach Certified Finance Coach Certified Health & Wellness Coach Certified Holistic Coach Certified Leadership Coach Certified Marriage Coach Certified Motivational Coach Certified Organization Coach Certified Parent Coach Certified Recovery Coach Certified Relationship Coach Certified Self-Esteem Coach Certified Spiritual Coach Certified Stress Coach Certified Success Coach Certified Weight Loss Coach Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach  

If you have an idea for a specific niche that is not listed you may contact your trainer for instructions on how to become certified in that area.  

I’m ready to sign up, what happens next?  

We would love to have you become a student here at WCA. First, you will need to decide which program you would like to enroll in. Choose either the Live Virtual or Self-Study program and simply click on the enroll button.  

Enroll in the next live class which will begin on the date listed above or choose the self-study option which would begin immediately.  

You will be given access to the student center immediately, where you can begin perusing the resources available.  

When all assignments and final are completed with a passing grade of at least 70% you will earn your certifications, it’s that simple!  

Can I get a refund?

No sorry, due to the digital and proprietory nature of this product we do not offer refunds.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about becoming a life coach, life coach training benefits or life coaching as a career please sign up to get your free copy of our Becoming a Life Coach Guide. This guide will give you a great overview of the life coach profession.  

You will also find frequently asked questions on our FAQ page and if you can’t find the answer your looking for please contact us!  


Two enrollment options, same great course. 

(specially priced for a limited time)  





Life Coach Certification For Women
Life Coach Training For Women
  • Class begins January 7
  • Meet virtually weekly via phone or computer
  • Live Q & A and buddy coaching with live feedback
  • Immediate Access
  • One full year to complete course
  • Same training as live program
  • Complete at your own pace

1 Payment of $797

Pay In Full: 1 payment of $597 

Payment Plan : 4 payments of $137

1 Payment of $597 

Now 1 payment of $397